Saturday, September 01, 2012


This weekend we are saying lots of goodbyes while at the same time saying even more hellos.

We'll be saying goodbye to the home where we've lived longer than any of us have ever lived before. It isn't just a house we're saying goodbye to, but a way of life. While here, our kids have had woods to play in, horses to ride, a creek to wade in, and country roads to bike down. They've picked blueberries, climbed trees, shot off fireworks, and eaten eggs layed by our very own chickens.

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What we're saying hello to is about as different as you can get and still be in the same state. We'll be living in an apartment house built in the 1920's. We won't have any pets but the kids will be sure to love on any strays that come our way. In Jackson at We Will Go, daily my kids will have the chance to minister to homeless friends, live within several yards of scores of neighbors, and get to eat lunch most days with their daddy whose office is only two blocks away. They will get to walk to the store and library, hang out with the other missionaries, and meet people from all sorts of different backgrounds who come to We Will Go to serve and learn.

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I expect some tears to fall this weekend, after all, God has blessed these last 13 years with wonderful experiences too many to count. I've brought home 3 newborns to this home and we've celebrated numerous birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones.

But despite the tears, there is also joy and excitement. Because we're not just moving to a new house, we're going where God is leading us and that more than makes up for what we're leaving behind.

I love you, God. Thank you for giving me this life --- the life we've lived, and the life we'll be living. You are so good to me and mine. Better than I could ever deserve.

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