Sunday, September 02, 2012


This post won't be my prettiest. It doesn't have pretty photos or poetical prose. But we have moved to We Will Go and I wanted to give a quick update.

We still don't have internet at our house,I'm using my college daughter's laptop that's picking up a nearby wifi signal, and things have been really, really busy.

But we've gotten completely moved out of our farm house, we've spent the last two nights at Faith House, our new home, and we're all really glad to be here. Well, except for Jim who has had to spend the last few days working a dam emergency compliments of Hurricane Isaac.

I have to keep this fairly free of details for now just due to time restraints so let me give you some prayer requests:

*We are overall very glad to be moved but there are still some sad emotions and stresses related to moving, Jim being gone, saying goodbye to the cats, etc. Pray for us to have the peace of Jesus, mercy and grace with each other, and that we'll constantly remember that Jesus and the people He's sending us to serve are worth it all.

*Pray we'll have the help we need to finish cleaning up our farm, move all the farm stuff not in the house, and then get unpacked and organized at Faith House.

*We are settling into a new life very, very different from our quiet, country life. Pray for us as we make this transition. Pray especially that I'll know how to juggle all the regular things, such as homeschooling, with new ministry demands.

*Please continue to pray for Jim and his staff as they work the dam emergency at Percy Quin State park.

*Pray for Anna as she travels back tomorrow to New Orleans. At this point, she still doesn't have electricity restored to her apartment but needs to get back because she hopes classes will resume on Tuesday.

Thanks for your love and support during this time. If you're in the area, stop by and see us. One of the fun things about city living is it is a whole lot easier for folks to just drop by for a visit. And that make this people-loving-person very happy.

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