Wednesday, June 20, 2012


One of the things we've really wanted for our family as we've walked down this path towards serving God more fully and living in Swaziland is to have our children on board and unified. Over and over again, we've been amazed and thankful as we've seen evidence that God is answering our prayers, giving us the desire of our heart, and putting into our children's hearts the love for serving the lost and the least.

P1010014 Merry with Sims Girls We Will Go resized and square

That's little Miss Merry above. She's hanging out with two girls whose family is also involved with ministry at We Will Go and are presently at Iris Ministries in Mozambique. Merry loves them but they're not the only reason Merry loves going to We Will Go.

Today's post is about Merry and her feelings about We Will Go.

So tell me, Merry, what did you do today?

"Well, today when we went to We Will Go, it used to be when we went to We Will Go I would stay with my mother. But now, I will go with one of the summer interns that I know really good. Today, what I did at WWG, I helped in the clothes closet [ministry] with the intern I told you about named Lindsey and some of the Centrifuge kids came. And a really good thing was that we didn't have a lot of black bags to do [to sort] today and last time we were at WWG I was helping with that same intern."

What did you do with your time since you got finished working quickly?

"We were walking over to Base 2, the intern that I was working with, when we were at those old, broken down houses, said a scripture verse in the Bible. And the intern I was working with, she told all those Centrifuge girls and one boy about how first if you weren't a Christian, you'd be like all those broken down houses but when you have a new life in God, the houses that WWG build [restored] is like when you are with God. Can I tell them about my tooth?"

Yes, you can tell them about your tooth.

"Tonight, I was using the potty --- don't put potty, use 'restroom' --- and my tooth fell out! And that's what today was. A very good day!"

Why do you like going to WWG?

"Because God really shows me when we go to WWG is that this home back in the country, is feeling less and less like home and WWG is mean more and more to me like home. And the Bible says, also, if you give up something, He'll give you something greater."

Straight from the mouths of babes, or in this case, one MacBabe.

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