Tuesday, June 05, 2012


One of Anna's fellow missionary trekkers took this photo and sent it to me on facebook.

Anna on way to airport Expedition 2012 resized

Isn't it just precious? Something about it is just incredibly sweet to this mama. Maybe she just looks so little and is all curled up like I've seen her do every since her baby days.  But as much as I still think of her as my Baby Girl, she's not a baby anymore.  She's a strong, young woman on a mission --- a mission to take the love and power and truth and healing and salvation to people she's never seen before in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

In just a couple of hours from when this posts, she and around 30 other young adults will be boarding a plane in Atlanta.  They'll stopover in Amsterdam and Rwanda before beginning their African journey in Uganda.  As I wrote about yesterday, God is already moving in their lives.  Now, as they move forward, those things He has done will go forth out of them to impact others.


God is amazing.

Please keep praying for Anna and her teammates. Of course, I love her so I want her to be safe.  But more than safe, I want her to be used by God to bring light to the darkness, hope to the hurting, life to the dying.  I want her to be absolutely used by God in ways that only God can equip and empower her to be used. 

Will you join with me in praying for that?

(By the way, thank you Bailee for the photo!)

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