Friday, June 15, 2012


David and Patrick will be spending a few days with their MacLellan grandparents so won't be here on Father's Day. We Macs are always looking for an excuse to throw a celebration so we decided to do an early one tonight so they could be included, too. Then we'll do a smaller one on Fathers Day itself with just us big'ns, the three little'ns, and Betsie...the sole teenager who'll be at home.

P6150283 Jim and Elysa resized

Jim and I sat down a couple of nights ago with cookbooks and picked out his menu. For the meal, he chose burgers and fries. I made the fries with sweet potatoes and added some bbq black beans on the side. For dessert, he picked out a banana and white chocolate pudding. Betsie bought the ingredients and made it as his Father's Day gift from her. I can honestly say it is the best bread pudding I've ever had. Seriously. It was beyond amazing.

P6150294 Jim and Betsie resized

The three little kids had all decorated a Hallmark gift book for Jim and then the six kids at home all recorded a message for him in it.

P6150304 Jim and Kids resized

Other gifts included a dark chocolate bar and a Spydeco knife.

P6150308 Jim and Travis resized

It was a bit sad not having Anna here as we celebrate an early Father's Day dinner with Jim but we honestly wouldn't have it any other way because she's right where she needs to be --- where her Heavenly Father has sent her. Because as wonderful as Jim is at being a father, God is even better. The plans that He has for her are the very best plans that could ever be, for all of us, too.

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