Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I used to set lots of limits on God. I had certain things that I would do and certain things that I wouldn't do. I was not going to be a single missionary and I did not want to live in a city and do inner-city ministry. Well, God did send me as a missionary to Swaziland as a single missionary straight out of college and now He's moving us to inner-city Jackson to serve.

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These two young women are living lives a lot more abandoned to God and His, what sometimes seems like to us, crazy plans.

I met Krystal, on the right, when she was just a baby sitting on her mama's hip. Over the years, we lost touch, but then a few months ago, we met again at a We Will Go Sunday service. There, Krystal heard about an upcoming mission trip to Mozambique. The trip was just a few months away and she didn't have a job, rich parents, or a fancy plan for raising money. But when she heard the call of God to go, she said "yes" and God provided. She's now in Mozambique for nearly three weeks, learning more about serving Him radically and, knowing Krystal, loving a whole lot of people extravagantly.

The other girl is Krystal's friend Kaylah. They met while a part of the Acquire the Fire ministry. I don't know her as well. She flew out to spend a week or so with Krystal before the mission trip and they came out to spend the night with us during that time. But as she shared her heart and her willingness to go do whatever God calls her to do no matter how impractical or wild it seems, I knew that God was going to do amazing things with her life, too.

Because see, they've learned something at a young age that it is taking me a lot longer to learn, God will use you in as big and intense ways as you'll surrender and let Him use you.

They've also grasped something that I'm still learning.

Sometimes we hold back from God because we are afraid of what saying "yes" will bring. But I'm finding more and more that when I let go of what I have for what He's offering, it is so much better, so much more than I could ever have imagined!

 Please pray for Krystal and the We Will Go team as they serve in Mozambique and for Kaylah as she seeks God's will for the next chapter in her life of serving Him.  I can only imagine the incredible stories they will have to tell me one day because they are saying "yes"!

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