Sunday, June 10, 2012


I've had a pretty darn blessed day. Our pastor at Restoration Church preached a great sermon on really knowing Jesus, we had a fabulous afternoon service and fellowship time at We Will Go, I met lots of wonderful people in Jackson, and my new friend Maegan Mitchell brought a true word from the Lord. But the first blessing of the day came from far across the ocean. When I went online this morning, a blog post from one of Anna's teammates was waiting on the team page. Here's that post:


SIMPLY IN AWE by Bailee Slack

"Here I sit in a tiny internet cafe in Mbarara, Uganda. To get here I rode with a driver and 2 other girls (4 people) on the back of a motabota, which is somewhere in between a dirt bike and a motorcycle, and they are tiny! It is so much fun but honestly their driving totally freaks me out.

I literally cannot believe I'm here, it feels so surreal. Let me give you a quick run down of my time here and you'll understand why.

We flew into Entebbe a few days ago and took so team bonding time to witer water raft the Nile river and go bungee jumping. It was absolutely incredible. I can't believe I swam in the same river Moses floated down, words really can't describe it.

Time in Africa is pretty much non-existent, and neither are traffic laws. To get to Mbarara we got on a bus and were told it would leave in one hour and be a two hour ride. We left three hours later and the ride ended up being something like 5 hours. 5 hours on a hot sticky bus crammed together. I would be complaining except I'm pretty much living my dream by being here and truly enjoying every minute, and the people I'm with are absolutely incredible. They challenge me and encourage me and make me laugh...I love just living life with them, even when it happens to be when we spend an indefinite amount of time sitting together on a bus.

Once we got to Mbarara Pastor Solomon picked us up and we are staying in a house next to him right behind the church. It has no running water or electricity so the women cook our meals over fires in the back and we use gas lanterns to eat at night. Bathroom? Shower? There is a "squatty" behind the house and today we are lucky enough to get to "shower", which entails getting a bucket of water and a cup and helping each other scrub off in swimsuits...I seriously am not complaining though, all the people around me are happy and content and so am I. I feel the presence of God so strongly in this place and am so at peace. It is so right.

Everyday I get to spend time with God's children, singing songs and playing games and carrying them and holding them. They love it when you hold hands and swing them in a circle as they fly around. I got so dizzy from doing it yesterday I fell down but I'd do it 1000 times over just to hear them laugh. It's impossible to fit my time here into a blog post, but I'm loving every minute and God is doing great things here through myself and my team. I can't wait to come home and share them with everyone, please keep us in your prayers. If you want to know more or have any questions just leave a comment! Blessings!"

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