Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I love this photo. Yeah, America it is against the law to have a child sitting in your lap when you drive, but this is Africa, folks. It is a different place and when you're driving about negative 5 miles an hour down a dirt road in a game park with no other cars in sight, the rules are just a little bit diffrent.

But I digress.

I love this photo. I love what it symbolizes and what it reminds me.

Dudley Donaldson and Lunga at Hlane Swaziland resized

Dudley Donaldson, ZEMA missionary to Swaziland said that "driving through Hlane Game Reserve, four-year-old Lunga was afraid of the big animals. He was hiding on the floor of the car, so I invited him to help me drive and it worked (for the most part)."

Isn't that like us and isn't that like our Father in Heaven?

Here He plans this big adventure for our lives. He takes us to a place we've never been before. A place that is going to be crazy amazing. But we all too often don't trust our Daddy that He has good planned for us. That He's about to blow our mind away with more than we could ever imagine. All we think about is the unknown, the scary. We huddle on that figurative floor board, afraid to look, afraid to enjoy the life God has planned for us.

After some coaxing from the Lord, we finally agree to get up off of the floor board, but only with His promise that He'll let us sit on His lap and His arms will wrap around us as, together, the wheel is steered. He doesn't turn the wheel and control over to us fully. He knows we need Him and He wants to partner with us. But sitting up there on Daddy's lap, we can see the plans He has for us and actually enjoy them, or at least for the most part. As Dudley pointed out about Lunga, even with Daddy right there with us, we still sometimes let the fears keep us from fully enjoying the journey.

Today, I say to my Heavenly Daddy, I want to go whereever You want to take me. I don't want to huddle on the floor board and miss the best stuff. I don't want to just get to the end of the journey, I want to see it all and be fully participating every bit of the way.

Help me remember Lord that you are in control. You're steering this thing and You won't let me go. You won't take your hand off the wheel.

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