Monday, June 25, 2012


Wanted to pass on the latest news about Anna's African trip. After long bus rides from Uganda, both Expedition teams have made it to Bungoma, Kenya, where they will be ministering for the next couple of weeks.

Kenya Bungoma Anna's Expedition Trip

Bungoma is located in the western part of Kenya. Islam is a very real presence in that area. Wife inheritance is a traditional part of their culture and this, as well as other lifestyle choices, is compounding the HIV/AIDS problem there. Extreme poverty is all too common in the Bungoma area and there are large numbers of street children, including many who are addicted to sniffing glue to help stave off hunger pains.

Bungoma is a good sized town with shops, internet cafes, schools, churches, and lots of farm related businesses. It is actually only a little over an hour from where Jim's sister and her husband will be serving this summer in Kitale as short-term missionaries.

Kenya Bungoma Store resized

Please continue to pray for Anna and her team. Pray for safety and good health, yes, but more than that, pray that they will continue to grow more and more in love with Jesus and more and more bold and passionate about reaching those living in darkness and despair.

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