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A couple of years back, I discovered the blog writings of Katie Davis, a young woman who had moved to Africa and found herself not just ministering to those around her, but actually becoming the adoptive mama to over a dozen daughters. Katie's blog posts turned into her now well known book, KISSES FROM KATIE. 

 A few weeks, ago, I discovered another blog.

This one is written by Lexi MacKinnon. Lexi is known as the Muzungu Mama, which basically means, white person mama in Swahili. Her blog is called Uganda Mama and she is the founder of Muzungu Mama Ministries in Uganda. She is twenty-three years old and has already adopted one little precious  daughter named Hadassah.

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Lexi is dedicated to showing the love of Jesus to all that God brings her way, but primarily, the African orphans He has given her a passionate love for.

When I read the letter that Lexi wrote for people feeling a call to missions, I knew I wanted to share it and Lexi graciously said I could.


By Lexi MacKinnon

So in this process of living in Uganda I've met A LOT of people who say they want to move on the mission field as well. Most of them don't. Some start preparing. And a few actually leave everything to move to a foreign land. When I made the decision to go, I didn't know a lot of people who had actually gone through with it and were willing to take the time to share HONESTLY about their experiences... so this is for you. Those who dream of life there. Those who can't decide. And those who are packing their bags to go. May you find hope in [this letters]. [It] contain what I wish someone had shared with me...looking back now.

Dear Sweet Little Dreamer of Life in Africa,

You just got back from your first mission trip to the mystical A-F-R-I-C-A, right? Let me guess you sit around now thinking about all the precious orphaned children you met and how you would give anything to hold them. You look through other mission teams' FB photos of their trips and you stalk missionaries living there cause you just can't get the idea of moving to Africa out of your head.

You've read all the hip books that suggest you do something insane for God.... Radical, Crazy Love, Interrupted, Seven. And you've read what the Bible says in Matthew 25? The sheep and the goats? You wouldn't want to be a goat now would you?!? Yeah... I know it's quite a scary thought.

But what's stopping you? Is it your luxe job? The dynamo degree your working on? Your amazing family and fiends? Maybe your sweet mega-church that you've just gotten settled into? Yeah... I know how you feel.

But as much as you love all of those things you can't get that dull ache out of your heart can you? You long for adventure. To live life fully given over to God. To see what He does with those crazy dreams He's developed in you?

So why don't you just do it? You've been there now, right? AND YOU LOVE IT!!!! You've never felt so alive as when you feet were coated with red clay dirt. You didn't even mind the beautiful little babies at the orphanage peeing all over your clothes. And the've never seen or heard anything like that African church service!!! If only....if only there was some way you could go back.

But... you're afraid. What if everyone thinks you're crazy? What would you do exactly? What if you can't raise the money? Where do you even begin the process? What if you never get married and have to live in some spider infested hut? What if you get malaria and die?!? You want to obey the call of Jesus to GO, but you're so incredibly afraid. I mean you literally shake with fear when you think about quitting school, raising a ton of money, and leaving your beloved family behind. But you want to do it so bad!!!

I know. I know. Right now it feels like the biggest and most monumental decision of your life... but I promise it's actually not (if you really go through with it and MOVE TO AFRICA...your life is gonna get a whole lot crazier than you ever imagined!!!). It's a stepping stone though.

This decision to go is going to start chipping away at that fear you have of what other people think of you. And it's going to sling shot you into the land of life utterly and completely dependent on God!!!

I promise it's not going to be easy. There will be times here where you'll doubt your decision. You'll question your calling from God and then you'll question your sanity. But know this dear friend... He promises never to leave you. Follow Him. He will be faithful. He will meet your every need and He will direct your path.

So what are you waiting for?!? Just do it already... decide to obey! Decide to go. We will see you soon!!!


P.S. There are a lot of really cool missionaries already here in Africa and we'd love some more muzungu friends!!!! We know better than anyone that it's so hard to leave life there, but we are praying for you to come serve with us here!

Please pray for Lexi as she pours her life out in Uganda and pray for the sweet children she is serving. And visit her blog. I think you'll be as blessed as I was:

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