Friday, June 08, 2012


Four years ago, our family first started serving at We Will Go in downtown Jackson.  At first, it was just going a couple of times a month and helping  serve a meal on Sunday afternoons as part of a church summer youth outreach.

Over time, that involvement grew.  We started coming and helping out some on Saturdays when work was needed doing around the campus.  I tried coming when I could to help with the clothing ministry.  And holidays, like Christmas, just seemed to be missing something if we weren't spending part of the day at We Will Go.

And now look at us...making plans to move here, ministering and attending meetings here a few times a week, leading volunteer teams, and heck!  I'm even blogging from here today.

It just goes to show you that you never know where God might take something little, like handing out Domino's Pizza on a Sunday afternoon, and use it to totally change your life...and hopefully, some of the lives you'll come into contact with.

God tells us not to despise the little things for when we're faithful in the small, He'll use us in the big.

I hope you'll not get discouraged when it sometimes feels like all you'll ever do is the small things.  Just keep trusting Him, loving Him, and loving those people you serve in the "small" things and you just might find yourself amazed at the huge and even eternal impact you might be making in the world for His Kingdom.  You may never preach before thousands or write a best-selling novel, but that middle-schooler taught in VBS might preach before thousands and that kid you helped tutor might write a book that brings revival and healing to a hurting world.   You just never know.

But He does.

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