Sunday, November 27, 2011


There is a phrase out there that folks often say as an encouragement to others when they are going through a hard time. Well meaning friends or family will say, "don't worry --- God never gives you more than you can handle".

I hate to break it to you if you think this is true, but this statement is a lie. Okay, it is actually a half-truth, but without the whole truth, it is still false. The reality is that God often gives us more than we can handle.


So we'll go running to Him.

God often allows very difficult things to happen in our lives. Sometimes He actually leads us from the easy to the hard. Our loving Father leads us to someplace tougher than we ever imagined.

So is the case with the Peterson Family in Swaziland. Here's what Jenifer shared recently on their ministry website:

Being a missionary is kind of like's awesome, but nobody tells you how much it hurts!!

Is it worth it? Of course!

Do you think so at the time??

Well, the jury is still out on that one. Our 'baby' is still not talking or walking or doing any cool tricks! We are still at the early stages of seeing fruit. We have faith that the Lord is in this work and that there WILL be fruit. There are even days where we see clear evidence that seeds are germinating... Spring IS coming!! But right's kind of a struggle. Even though the air is hot and humid, winter seems to abound. We are in that transition time where you know you are onto something good but haven't quite got there yet. Too late to turn around and throw in the towel, but too early to start sending up fireworks and having a grand celebration!

Sometimes we experience things and have feelings that seem too raw...too caustic to share. This is right on the edge of one of those things. Hopefully there is grace enough on your end to glean from it what is valuable and throw away the rest!

In all of this, we KNOW God is good...He is still on the throne and He is faithful!

It is our own weakness, our own pathetic human nature that is causing us to stumble.

There have been enough obstacles to make us question if we are capable of finishing what God has called us to accomplish.

The easy answer to that?

NO!! A resounding NO!! WE are NOT capable...

But He is...

He is...

...He WILL!

Nobody told us this...but that doesn't matter!

Actually, it does is important that nobody told us this...

Because if we HAD known...then what?

Would we give it all?

Will you?

What hard thing is He calling you to do right now?

Stay in a struggling marriage? Don't quit a frustrating job? Keep serving in a difficult ministry? Go back to school to pursue that unfinished degree? Go on that mission trip despite the lack of money? Homeschool your special needs child?

What hard thing has beset you and your loved ones at this time?

Cancer? Chronic illness? Unemployment? Theft? Natural disaster? Unfounded accusations? Church hurt? Bankruptcy?

Turn to God and cling to His promises.

The Bible has prepared us to expect bad things in this world. But it has also promised us that when we love and follow Him, He will never leave us or forsake us. He will give us the peace that passes all understanding. He will send His Holy Spirit comforter and counselor to us. He will give us wisdom when we ask Him. When we seek first His kindgom and His righteousness, He will give us what He knows we need. He will give us a deeper love and intimacy than we could have ever imagined. And He will work all things for our good and His glory.

Let those soak in. Believe them. Even ask Him to help you believe them.

Because those are the whole-truths of encouragement that He speaks to us, He promises us, in difficult times. And God never, ever breaks His word.

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