Sunday, November 06, 2011


Yesterday's was Anna's birthday, and at her request, we spent the day in her favorite city, New Orleans.

We left the house early and got down there in time to get muffulettas for lunch from Central Grocery.

We enjoyed them, along with Zapp's chips and Barq's root beer, while feeding the pigeons not too far from the levee.

Then it was a walk along the river before we ended up at the aquarium.

After oohing and aahing and laughing and even flinching now and then, we headed over to LUSH, where a friend works.

Tracey gave all us girls hand treatments and we talked intentional community and missions before heading across the street to Peaches and Urban Outfitters.

Supper was at a place that was new for us but now a favorite Crescent City eatery, The New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company. The food was fabulous, the prices were reasonable, the service was what service should be, and the kids loved the icecream that is included with every meal.

Then it was back in the van for the drive back home, complete with a phone call for Anna from a friend in Ecuador and silly texting with Betsie and David.

This was the first time the little kids had been to New Orleans for a few years, the first that our youngest was old enough to really enjoy it (she was a baby last time), and Anna's first as an adult. And though it was the second New Orleans trip for us three oldest in less than two weeks, New Orleans still holds a special charm that we've yet to grow tired of...and celebrating Anna's birthday there just added to that charm.

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