Saturday, November 19, 2011


The airplane tickets for all million of us Macs have been bought, the in-country itinerary is being worked on, and the van has been reserved for us at the Johannesburg, South Africa, airport. The Swaziland trip is shaping up nicely as the date quickly approaches.

A key part of our trip will be the ground transportation that will not only deliver us and our suitcases (which will contain, among other things, school supplies, toys, and clothes for the carepoint kids as well as gifts for the missionaries), but will also be essential in driving us to our various places of ministry and around Swaziland as we look at housing options, meet other missionaries, buy our grocery supplies, and attend church services.

A family our size, no matter how comfy we are with being close, can't get by with a teeny car like Jim and I drove on our last trip.

We'll have to be renting a big passenger van. And that passenger van rents at about $100 a day.
We are hoping to find folks who are willing to sponsor us for each day of the fourteen days that we will be in Africa.

One family, whose dad just spent time at the Bheveni Carepoint in September, has already committed to paying for our first day of rental. I've put a heart in the Day 1 window to signify that. Every time that someone pledges to cover a day, I will fill in another window.

If you'd like to be one of those van rental sponsors, just leave me a message, send me an email, or message me via facebook. We hope to have a paypal account set up soon to make donating toward our trip expenses easier.

Also, the Timbali Crafts shirts from Swaziland are still up for auction. All proceeds from that are going toward our January trip. You can read more about that at this link:

Thanks and, as the Swazis would say, stay well!

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