Friday, November 18, 2011


Yesterday, I coordinated a day trip to Mississippi University for Women for a bunch of girls and their mamas.

It was a beautiful day to be on the lovely and historic campus of The W, as it is affectionately called by its students, faculty, and alums.

I had planned this day for a couple of months and was really excited about showing off my beloved alma mater to new folks as well as seeing some of my W-friends.

After an initial visit to the admissions office, Director Cassie Derden walked us over to the cafeteria where a Thanksgiving meal, along with other offerings such as the grill and salad bar, was awaiting our hungry group.

For some who will remain unnamed (though not unphotographed), the lunch stood out as a highlight of the day and was one of the main reasons they want to be a student at MUW.

While in the cafe, the group had the chance to meet many present day students and some, like Madeleine Gardiner, even sat down and spent the whole meal with us. The W is special in that regard. Not only are past students such as myself still welcomed and even known, but new people are quickly welcomed into the college family.

When lunch had left us full and happy, we walked back to front campus and Cochran Hall. There, Shelley McNees gave a great presentation about the university and three student reps came to take the group on an extensive campus tour.

Among the highlights of the tour were the traditions that help make MUW such a unique place such as the gingko tree (a leaf falls on a girl at The W and a leaf from a sister tree falls on a boy at MSU, and voila! They are destined to marry)...

...the kissing rock....

...and the Old Maid's Gate (gotta walk thru it backwards or be doomed to spinsterhood!).

We also visited with the directors of the Wesley Foundation and the Baptist Student Union as well as peeking in dorms, classrooms, the on-campus chapel, and the amazing fitness center.

After our time at MUW was over, we headed to another tradition, this one an off-campus one. Supper at Proffitt's Porch is a dining tradition I've been enjoying for over 20 years. And the girls loved being introduced to some of their classic offerings such as the Cypress Club sandwich and Chess Pie.

Sarah decided to add her own twist to the culinary tradition, the Chess Pie moustache and goatie.

And what road trip would be complete in this day of digital cameras without the requisite en-route photos. Sarah looks asleep here, she's actually snorting hysterically into Betsie's laugh over some bit of sillyness.

What a day...and night!

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