Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sometimes all it takes is gaining a little perspective.

So was the case with my friend Betty.

Like many American moms, she's been busily making plans for Thanksgiving Day and doing lots of preparation, including the running of errands.

Betty's husband works for a company that gives turkeys to all of the employees every Thanksgiving. Originally, she was going to go pick it up from the Honeybaked Ham store today but decided to make the drive to the northern part of our metro area yesterday. When she got there, hoping to get a smoked turkey, she found a store that was insanely crowded which meant a 30 to 45 minute wait plus only had roasted turkeys left, no smoked ones.

Well, I'll let Betty tell you the rest of the story:

As soon as I started to leave [the store], a flood hit Jackson. I had to walk a good ways in the down pour to my jeep. As I was walking, slowly so I wouldn't fall in my flip flops, I said "Lord, I am just thankful for this blessing of a $40.00 Turkey". Then the rain turned ice cold & I thought about complaining but the images of little ones walking miles to get a bowl of rice made me even more grateful!

Wow. Something as simple, yet powerful, as images of little ones having to walk long distances just to eat a simple meal really puts things in perspective.

As we sit around our Thanksgiving tables tomorrow, whether it is a perfectly decorated, good-enough-for-Martha-Stewart, solid-wood table or a rickety, kitchen dinette set graced with crayon-colored placemats, let's remember that our feasts are truly that. Feasts.

When you think about how the majority of the rest of the world lives, it puts it all in perspective. We are so richly blessed here in America. Even the homeless here can find places that will freely serve them turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings on this day because America truly is the land of bounty.

Let's not forget that.

It is too easy to dwell on the rain storm in our life and what we didn't get instead of focusing with gratitude on the roasted turkey and the waiting jeep.


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful post; Elysa. Well done. Love sherri Jaynes

Sherri Jaynes said...

Well done; eleoquent posting. Love, Sherri Jaynes