Monday, November 07, 2011


As I was going thru a big ole pile in my room (story of my life...but that's for another post) I came across two more wooden salt & pepper shakers that my husband brought home from his Thailand trip. I thought we'd already auctioned off all of them last spring, but apparently I was wrong.

Since we're raising money for our family's upcoming trip to Swaziland, I thought I'd go ahead and put them up for auction. They would make nice Christmas, wedding, or first-home gifts.

If you would like to bid on these solid wood shakers bought at the Chang Rai Street Market, here's how you do it:

Like last time we auctioned off Thai shakers, the bidding will start at $10 on each pair. If you want to bid, leave me a comment with the amount you are bidding and some kind of contact information in case you win. Please make sure you designate if you are bidding on the egg-shaped or the rectangular-shaped shakers. We will add $2 to the winning bid to cover shipping if we need to mail them.

The bidding will end at 5:00, this coming Sunday.

Thanks for your interest and feel free to tell others about this auction. The more that know about it, the more chance we have of getting bids.

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