Friday, November 04, 2011


On November 4, 1993, I was 9 months pregnant and very, very ready to give birth to my first child. My induction was scheduled for the next day as little Miss Anna didn't seem to want to come on her own and my due-date had come and gone.

The person that began as a tiny baby being knit together in my womb...

...grew into a darling, dark haired infant...

...and is now an intense, beautiful, strong, young woman.

Tomorrow, my much wanted first-born becomes my first child to turn eighteen. She'll be my first to vote, my first to start college, my first to leave home, my first to make this mama's heart ache with her absence. She'll start a life away from me, her daddy, her siblings, and our home.

I admit, I already dread the separation, but I wouldn't hold her back. I've spent the last eighteen years preparing her for the life God has planned for her. She'll always be my first born baby but she also be my first adult child. I'm so proud of her and I'm so excited to see the places God is going to take her and the amazing things He is going to do in and through her life.

What an incredible eighteen years it has been.

I love you, Punkie!

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