Thursday, November 24, 2011


As we sat around the Thanksgiving table today, my family, my brother's family, and my mom, we all took turns telling what we were the most thankful for. Some of it was silly, some of it was more serious. Some of it was seriously silly. When I came time for me to tell what I was thankful for, I felt like I didn't even know where to start. I have so very much to be grateful for.

I went on and on for a bit, I am a talkative extrovert after all, but the highlights include a harworking, always-there-for-me husband, all my children, the family members who came to share the day with us, the chance to go to Thailand, and our upcoming trip to Swaziland.

I had the kids tell me again what they were thankful for so I could share it here at Graceland. Here are their gratitude lists:

10 year old LG: I'm thankful for icecream, cats, David, Lizzie, friends and family, bedding, shelter, bed, electronics, my hair, nature, art, and my toys.

12 year old Patrick: I'm thankful for Laura. I'm thankful for technology. Not technolology.

14 year old David: I'm thankful for guitars.

18 year old Anna: I'm thankful for getting accepted into my college, our upcoming missions trip to Africa and France, and our military --- particularly the Navy Seals.

6 year old M: I am thankful for Jesus and Father God. I'm thankful for Mommy and Daddy. I'm thankful for my brothers and sisters. I'm thankful for David. And I am thankful for Betsie. And I'm thankful for my mom. And I am thankful, last but not least, for horses. And Laura. And I'm thankful for Swaziland.

8 year old T: I am thankful for Betsie. And I am thankful for video games. And I am thankful for a Hot Wheels set. I'm thankful for Super Mario Galaxy 2. I'm thankful for Super Mario Galaxy. I'm thankful for Ice Age 1, 2, 3, and for the Christmas Special. And, I'm thankful for my friends and family. That counts as my relatives. And I'm thankful for my Wii and my computer and my notebook and food and water and drinks and soda and malts and milkshakes and I'm thankful for me.....AND GOD! And last but not least, the Pilgrims who sailed to America. Done!

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