Thursday, November 10, 2011


One of our very favorite, it-just-isn't-Thanksgiving-unless-we-read-it holiday books is CRANBERRY THANKSGIVING. This delightful classic centers around a grandma, her grand-daughter, and the two guests they invite to share their Thanksgiving meal with...including the grandma's famous cranberry bread.

It made this mama smile all the way through when the 10 year old big sister sat down today and read it to little Miss M. You know it is a good book when out of the couple of hundred books she could have chosen, she picked this one.

To go along with CRANBERRY THANKSGIVING, we try to fix the cranberry bread recipe featured in the story. It is easy and yummy and, since I leave out the nuts, my kids look forward to this once-a-year treat. I think we'll be making it for one of our Thanksgiving week breakfasts this holiday season.

If you homeschool, or don't homeschool but just like having some fun and educational activities to do with your kids on their off days, FIVE IN A ROW (the curriculum we've used for nearly 15 years) has a convenient fold-and-learn that you can download from their website and use with your favorite little gobblers.

I'd love to hear about your family's Thanksgiving traditions, especially if you have favorite books for the season.

And if you see Mr. Whiskers (a favorite CRANBERRY character) wandering around in a lonely, grouchy, gloom over the next couple of weeks, tell him that the Macs at Graceland have plenty of room at the Thanksgiving table and we promise to have plenty of pumpkin pie and grandma's famous cranberry bread.

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