Tuesday, April 05, 2011


This Friday will be the last day to bid on any of the online auction items. We will close the bidding at 5:00 and will notify the winners that evening or the next day.

Until then, there is still time to bid on any item and there are still a few that have no bids yet. These would make great bargains for someone as well as helping to financially support David, Betsie, and Anna's upcoming mission trips.

And don't forget --- Easter, Mother's Day, graduation, weddings, and Father's Day are all coming up. Many of these items would make thoughtful presents.

Here are the items that still have no bids on them:

Blue-and-white, hand-crocheted, baby, boy hat:


A light-pink, hand-crocheted, baby, girl headband:


Thai, hand-crafted, agate necklace for a guy or girl:


Blue-and-white, hand-crocheted, flower headband:


Thai handbag with pink and orange embroidery:


Wall decor from Swaziland made of natural elements:


Ukrainian decorative egg:


We do have more items for sale, including some paintings and a picture frame, but we are not going to start the second auction til this one closes on Friday.

If you would like to promote this auction on your blog, fb, twitter, or some other online outlet, it would really be appreciated. Betsie leaves in less than two weeks and still has a few hundred dollars to raise. Anna and David leave in June and both of them still need to raise a few thousand dollars.

Thanks for visiting Graceland!

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