Thursday, April 28, 2011


It has been communicated to me, that there is very, very little Christian music in Thailand. In fact, Betsie said in a recent blog that the ministry has only one worship cd to use during events that they have to just play over and over again. I am going to collect music cds to take over with me when I go in June. The cds will definitely be put to good use and any variety of Christian music is fine --- worship, rock, pop, rap, hymns, kids' praise, Southern gospel, etc. The cds will go to the church's ministry but also given to the missionaries, Thai believers, and those who don't believe in Jesus yet but are seekers.

One of the main ministries of the church is to teach English classes so cds in English are a great teaching tool. The young people especially like the sound of POP music so Christian music that is very pop in sound would be especially great (Jump5, Zoe Girl, Super Chick, etc. ). Michelle Tumes is an artist who is VERY popular in Asia.

Also, cds that have scripture memory verse songs for adults OR children would be great!

I will also take over Christian books for both the missionaries/church and the English students. Chrissy Espy, the missionary I'll be staying with, said that the top preference would be non-fiction books on Christian living and faith though some Christian fiction would be fine.

If I end up receiving more than the weight limit will allow in my suitcases, I will see that the books get donated to other Christian ministries such as a prison ministry or other groups that can benefit from them.

Books by these authors would be especially wonderful:

C.S. Lewis
Robert Morris
John Piper
Beth Moore
Elizabeth Elliot
Watchman Nee
Steve Brown
Lee Strobel
Don Richardson
Josh McDowell

Fiction books written by older authors such as Grace Livingston Hill would be especially good choices since most of the Thai are very modest people and things such as kissing in pubic and other displays of affection are not culturally appropriate.

If anyone has any contacts at Christian radio stations or Christian bookstores, maybe you could see if they have any items they would like to donate? Radio stations usually a lot free stuff from bands and publishers. And one year, I knew a guy that worked at a Christian bookstore and they donated a boxful of clearance items to a cause I was involved with.

Thanks so much and, as always, keep on praying!

P.S. To read the post that Betsie wrote about their one worship cd, visit her blog:

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