Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This morning, about 11:30 our time, we received a precious phone call from Thailand. It had to be short since the bill would be a dollar a minute, but the three minutes we talked were well worth the price...more even! The flight went well though little sleep was had. The first impressions are that the Thai people are very friendly; the Bangkok hotel, The Miracle, is very nice; the humidity makes it feel like a sauna; and overwhelmed is how it all makes Betsie feel.

It is morning there now. Thailand is 12 hours ahead of us here at home. Betsie is hoping to get some time at the internet cafe before heading back to the airport to fly on to Chang Rai. If she does, I'll make sure I pass on all the news here at Graceland and via facebook.

In the meantime, I'm missing my girl. Her sister and I are already making plans for life once Betsie and Anna are both back from Thailand. Part of those plans include celebrating Betsie's 16th birthday in August. Shh-h-h-h...don't tell her, but we're going to take her to see THE HELP when it opens a few days after her big day. THE HELP is set in our area and my son David's best friend even has a personal connection. His great-grandmother and, I believe, his great-great-grandmother have both worked for the author's family over the years.

We are really looking forward to watching it together. If it is even close to being as good as the book, it will be a great story. Plus, we'll be having good fun looking for the places that we know and love while rejoicing that in some important ways, some things have definitely changed.

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