Friday, April 15, 2011


The praise for today is that I'm going to my college homecoming and I'll get to see dozens of beloved friends...many I only see once a year, some every few years, and then others, this will be the first time we've been together since graduation. I also get the chance to meet new students and new members of my social club, The Troubadours, many of which become new friends.

Mississippi University for Women is a very unique college. It has a lot of the Ivy League college characteristics that make those stand-outs such as small classes, rich traditions, and high academic standards. But as a state college, it was definitely a place that the "masses" could afford and drew from all walks of life.

I made friends there with people who are still some of my best friends. In fact, the W feels more like a huge, extended family than just the place I received my degree.

As I get ready for the crazy, shriek-filled, laughter-riddled reunnions, I'm smiling. I'm praising God for a husband who is so good to let me go and children who are responsible enough to take care of things while I'm gone. But I'm also asking for prayer.

Today's weather is forecasted to be very nasty with storms that have already caused deaths in other areas.

Would you please pray not just for me but for the other alums who are all heading "home" today to our beloved MUW? Prayers for traveling mercies would be greatly appreciated.

And also, please pray that God will use me to bless and encourage others this weekend. I'm ready for some God ordained meetings.

Thanks and I pray the rest of you stay safe and have a blessed weekend!

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