Friday, April 08, 2011


After a few weeks of posting items to be auctioned off, the bidding ends today. At 5:00 to be exact.

We are so blessed by the participation. Every single item has been bid on and some of them have several bids.

If you are someone who has spread the word about our mission trip fundraiser, bid on an item, or donated an item, or all of the above, the kids plus Jim and I say "thank you so very, very much".

A fellow Troubadour sister and MUW alum messaged me this morning that she is sending each of the kids $50. So with what Betsie had already raised, received yesterday, the friend's check, and some from today's auction, she will have met her goal. Praise God! All her expenses will have been taken care of.

Anna and David still need a few thousand a piece but this auction is going to give them both at least a few hundred dollars.

Some folks have asked if we are going to have any more items to auction off at a later point. The answer is a resounding YES!

Betsie leaves in a week and a few days. Once I've gotten her all taken care off and on that plane, I'll start up a new online auction. We've already been donated some original artwork plus other items. So if you want to donate items for the auction, just let me know.

We are also planning on having a huge rummage sale in a few weeks so if you have items to donate or you'd be willing to help put the sale on, we'd certainly appreciate it.

As the time winds down til the 5:00 deadline for bidding, we'd be oh so thankful if you'd spread the word to your circle of friends via fb, twitter, your blog, whatever! The more folks know, the more bids we get, and the closer my kids get to raising the money they need to take the love of Jesus to Thailand and Peru.

This is the link to share as it covers all the items up for auction:

Thanks or visiting Graceland and have a great Friday!

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