Friday, April 29, 2011


While my husband was in Thailand getting Betsie settled in for ministry, he got to play tourist and had the chance to buy some items for the David and Anna to sell to raise money for their upcoming ministry trips.

He came back with scarves, jewelry, and salt-and-pepper shakers that he bought in open air market places. He did NOT buy a bottle of whiskey containing a scorpion or cobra like pictured above but he did buy coffee. And the first thing we are featuring for sale is the rare Thai coffee that he brought home. Here is what Jim has to say about this Asian Joe just waiting to be brewed:

Coffee for Missions!

Here is a rare opportunity to buy coffee and support a mission trip. Baan Athitaan coffee is Arabica coffee from northern Thailand. Arabica trees thrive at higher altitudes, which in Thailand is between 800 to 1,500 meters. In these altitudes, the beans mature at a slower pace, producing generally a richer, denser, more flavorful bean. Arabica in Thailand is still in a kind of experimental stage, which helps explain its low yearly harvest. Most Thai Arabica coffee is grown by small holders, such as hill tribe families and villages, as well as in research stations (Wawi, Chang Khian, etc.) and development programs. The few hundred tons of beans that are annually picked are brought almost entirely by local traders and roasting factories for producing roast and ground coffee. Baan Athitaan church [where our daughter Betsie is ministering] purchased the coffee locally as a way of raising funds for their ministry. I purchased the coffee from them to help support their ministry.

This coffee is a dark roast with a robust flavor. It is strong coffee and excellent for making espresso or having a good, [bold] cup of coffee from your drip coffee maker. The coffee comes in half pound bags and is whole bean. If you need it ground then let us know before we send it to you. Price is $12.

You can't buy this coffee in the US except here and now and we only have a few bags of coffee. All proceeds from the sale of this coffee will go to helping fund David's mission trip to Peru and Anna's to Thailand.


We will be glad to ship the bags of coffee anywhere in the Continental USA but will need to charge $5 for shipping and handling.

This would make a great Mother's Day or Father's Day gift if you've got a coffee loving parent. If you order within the next couple of days, we'll ship out at the beginning of this coming week.

OR...buying a graduation or wedding gift? What about a coffee maker with a bag of Thai coffee as a go along? That's truly a gift with purpose!

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