Thursday, September 30, 2010


We are now well into our second week in Swaziland. All of last week, we were with the 5 other members of our Beveni team. Now they are back in the States and we are still here exploring God's will for our possible future here in Swaziland. I must tell you, with each day that we are here, it seems more and more that the possibility grows even stronger that we will be moving over here sometime in the future and will hopefully be making one or more short-term trips in the meantime.

Please keep praying for us as we have three more days til we leave Africa. We have spent the last three days talking with missionaries and ministers about what they are doing here in Swaziland and how we might fit into the ministry picture here. It has been a huge blessing and we think we might be getting some specific direction about what we might be doing and where we might be located. So keep praying that God will continue to draw us to HIS will and HIS heart and that if what we are sensing IS God's leading, that He will continue to confirm it. I must admit that it is shaping up in a way that was unexpected by the both of us but yet, we both seem to feel the same way...which over the history of our marriage, has usually been a good indication that it is what we are supposed to do.

Also, pray for the others that would be involved with where He is leading us that they will also feel God's rightness about the situation. And pray for our children, that God will continue to draw their hearts to Swaziland and His plans for our family.

Now for that peek into our week --- Mike Brower, one of our team leaders, has posted beautiful photos of our time at the Beveni Carepoint. He has made the album available on facebook for all to see, whether you have a facebook account or not. So hop on over to his album and see the amazing things that God is doing in a very dusty but very beloved part of this mountainous kingdom:

P.S. To see the photo posted at the top of this post more clearly, just click on it.

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