Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Our team is en route to the USA over a long travel route while Jim and I stay behind in Africa for a few extra days. Pray that all would go well. That they would be properly rested and ready to reconnect with family and friends and the same for us when it is our time. Pray for us to be able to effectively communicate the stories and realities of life in Swaziland. Pray that we would remember those people that touched our hearts, and that they would remember Jesus in us.

*Please pray for our continued strength and health in these final days of our travels.

*Please pray for Children’s HopeChest’s efforts.

*Please pray for AIM’s efforts and missionaries.

*Please pray for the other Sponsorship Coordinators.

*Please pray for divine connections.

*Please pray for vision and wisdom.

*Please pray that God’s will would be done in and through each one of us, including yourself.

As for what is going on with Jim and I here in Africa, we rented a car at Avis in Nelspruit, South Africa, yesterday and drove back to Swaziland through absolutely GORGEOUS scenery. The mountains are incredible in the area we drove through, and yes, I took lots of photos! We arrived back to Manzini around 2:20 and spent the rest of the day enjoying getting to know "in real life" Inge and Dudley Donaldson. They are with ZION EVANGELICAL MINISTRIES of AFRICA. They are teaching Bible to Zionist pastors and seeing God do tremendous things as a result.

Today we will drive about an hour south to Big Bend and visit the Moriah Centre, a carepoint and preschool. There we will meet with Di Hampson, a white South African. We visited there during our last trip to Swaziland.

Then this afternoon, we plan on just being tourists and going to the Manzini market and wherever else our interests...and God...takes us.

Love to you all and thanks so much to those of you who are helping our family back in Mississippi!

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