Friday, September 10, 2010


Back many moons ago, Sandi Patty sang a song entitled ‘LOVE IN ANY LANGUAGE.’ It was often used during missions programs at churches and student conferences. It isn’t heard very often these days, but the message is still the same: LOVE is LOVE in any language.

But sometimes, language barriers and cultural differences can make demonstrating that love in effective ways just a bit troublesome…sometimes a LOT troublesome.

The Beveni Team will be leaving in 8 days on a mission of love. We want to give God’s love to the children and caregivers at Beveni Carepoint in Swaziland in overflowing and abundant ways. We want those precious people to know that despite the disease and poverty and death around them that there is a God who sees them and loves them. We want them to know that they are not alone in their struggles. That there is hope.

  • Please pray for us as we plan and prepare for this amazing opportunity. Pray that despite language barriers and cultural differences, that at the end of our week at Beveni, every single child, parent, carepoint cook, auntie or uncle, will know that we love them and most of all, that God loves them and that He promises to be the Father they need Him to be.

  • Pray that with every thing we purchase, God will use it to bring His love into a life in just the unique way that it is needed.

  • Pray that as we plan the activities, that we’ll be creative in getting past the barriers and using all of the activities to draw the kids closer to the heart of God.

  • Pray that as we have down time and just talk with the children and the adults at the carepoint and in homes through out the community, that God will bring us to just the right ones that He wants us to connect with.

  • Pray that from the very beginning, their hearts will be open to us and that we will be able to supernaturally love them in ways that only could come from God. That God will anoint our words, guide our prayers, give us wisdom, show us truth, direct our actions.

Love covers a multitude of sins…and a multitude of awkward, cultural and language boo-boos.

Plans may not work out, games might not be understand, and a craft may go crazy, but LOVE NEVER FAILS!

Pray that we, as a team, will be overwhelmed with HIS love so we can overwhelm THEM with love, too!

Thank you!

Elysa Mac

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