Monday, September 06, 2010


Two weeks from tonight, we'll be in Swaziland. We'll have flown all the way across the Atlantic after departing on a Saturday. We'll arrive in Johannesburg on Sunday. And after a hopefully good night's rest in a comfy hotel on the outskirts of the city, we'll drive to the home of my heart.

That's when we'll get to love on the little kids that we've been dreaming of and praying for.

Please pray for these areas as we prepare for our trip:

*Just like the little Swazi child pictured here, many of these kids are lacking the barest of necessities. We want to bless them tremendously. Here is where prayer comes in! Pray that first, we'll get some great deals on items we want to buy for the kids and their caregivers. Pray that we'll even get lots of donations. We've got two specific possibilities that need prayer. The first is that we might be get a huge grant that would enable us to put in a soccer field and playset for our carepoint. The second is that our airline MIGHT allow us each to take two extra suitcases. If they do, then we can take over many more items for ministry.

*Pray for our health. My body is fighting against sinus allergy crud and I might be coming down with a sinus infection. I do NOT need to be traveling sick. I already have ear drum issues when I fly and sinus mess will just make that even worse. Pray for all of us to stay well! Last time I went to Swaziland, my daughters came down with horrific cases of chicken pox just a week or two before we were supposed to leave. UGH!

*Pray for the health of our team's families. I know that my mom definitely needs healing as she is the one who will be taking care of our kids and I'm sure there are other similar situations for others.

*Please keep praying as Jim and I make plans for the time after the team returns to the States and we are left for our extra days in Africa. Pray especially for the rental car situation and the folks we should meet related to exploring ministry options.

Thanks so much for your continued interest and support.

Photo by Lauren Edens, former missionary to Swaziland and presently serving God in Tanzania. Visit her blog at:

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