Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As we have only 2.5 days before we leave for Swaziland, we're starting to firm up what we've received in donated items and what is still lacking.

We just received a request from Kriek Gerber, one of the Adventures in Missions staffers, for lots and lots of construction paper. For whatever reason, you can't buy it in Swaziland and they need it for a BIG project they are working on with carepoint kids.

The second request is for the game Twister. It doesn't have to be in a box, just the mat and the spinner. It can be used or new. If we got more than one, that would be GREAT! Our carepoint has nearly 150 kids that attend on a regular basis so you can just imagine that ONE twister mat doesn't go very far!

Below is a photo taken by Gene Hughes who made a recent trip to a carepoint in Swaziland not too far from our's. As you can see, Twister is BIG fun for the kids. I can't wait to see Swazi kids do the twist as only Swazi kids can.

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