Tuesday, September 07, 2010


It is not every day that a person is given the chance to double their money...but today is one of those days! Millie Snook, one of the Beveni Carepoint sponsors, is making an offer you can't refuse! Okay, you can refuse it...but why would you want to?

Until 10:00 tonight, any money you give towards ministry supplies for our trip to Swaziland will be DOUBLED! So if you're broke and only have a buck, that's okay....Millie will match it so that you'll actually be giving two bucks.

Now I know you're thinking something like this, "but it is only a buck or two...what can be done with that?" In a country like Swaziland, actually quite a bit can happen with just two bucks!

Here's what Millie had to say on facebook about this proposition:

In just 10 days, the first team from the Beveni Sponsor Community will be making a visit to the Beveni Carepoint in Swaziland. TODAY is the day you can partner with me to help.


Nearly three years ago, I had the blessing of meeting Tom Davis, president of Children’s HopeChest (www.hopechest.org) at a children’s ministry network event. It was nothing short of a divine appointment, since I was not even scheduled to attend that meeting and ‘dropped in’ on the way to another meeting. My eyes were opened to the plight of the hurting and hungry around the world, specifically for the children of Africa. My heart was broken like it had not been before, particularly for these children affected by the shock waves caused by HIV/AIDS in a small country called Swaziland.

We immediately started supporting the “Five for Fifty” program, five things that every person can do to help alleviate the approximately 50 million people around the world affected by HIV/AIDS. A mere five dollars helps provide 50 meals per month to a starving child.

Last summer, we chose to go one step further and add another sponsor child, Masotja, to our monthly support. The model of Children’s HopeChest is community to community where a church, business or other faith community (eg, a bible study or youth group) partners with a community overseas. They believe that holistic, sustainable change in the poorest communities occurs best when one community partners with another. We became proud members of the first “community” whose only connection to each other are a passion for orphans and a burden for bringing them the hope that only Jesus gives in a practical and real way.

Our partner community is the Beveni Carepoint in Swaziland, a tiny country in southern Africa with the dubious title of the highest percentage of their population afflicted with HIV/AIDS (44%). We have been amazed at the transformation of this community since they have been actively sponsored. First there were approximately 38 children who received care and food at this location. It consisted of only a crude structure and a place for cooking. Now it has a building, shelter, running water and a security fence! The most remarkable change is the hope that has come to this area… now there are 131 children who come to this Carepoint, and EVERY ONE of them has a sponsor!

and now…

Back in July, our wonderful carepoint coordinator launched “Beveni Outpouring”, a challenge to help raise funds for the children of Beveni. 100% of this money will go towards improving their lives by providing for some basic needs. Pencils. Paper. Tylenol. Band-aids. Clothing. Shoes. And much more.

Sadly, I am not able to GO with the team to visit Beveni this time, but would love to SEND resources with those traveling so they can love on those kids not just with words, but in action and in truth. The team will purchase items such as Siswati bibles, soccer balls, food baskets for Home visits, etc. The AIM Staff in Swaziland will help them to know what the most immediate needs are for the kids & the carepoint. If you want to join my team, please do as soon as possible so they can plan for anything else they can bring, and additional purchases when they arrive in Swaziland.

It’s easy to help. Follow this secure link to Children’s HopeChest to make an online donation: https://secure.pursuantgroup.net/pursuant4/hopechest/chcselect/donation.asp

in the Notes section write: BEVENI SUPPLIES

Then please send me a quick email and I’ll keep a running total of our progress.

So here is MY CHALLENGE: can my facebook friends raise the equivalent of $10 per person (approximately $6500) in the next 10 days? Prayerfully consider joining me. If you are moved and are able, you can offer more than $10. ;-)

BONUS challenge-POWER HOURS: I will personally match whatever we can raise in the next 10 hours to double your donation.

If you would like to be a prayer partner, let me know and I’ll show you how to receive the updates from the team.

We can make a difference. Can we do it? YES, we can!!! :-)


P.S. Millie said I could pass this on to others even if they aren't her facebook friends so I guess between those who are and those who aren't, that just about covers everybody! ;)

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