Thursday, September 09, 2010

YES...FOR FREE!!!!!!!!

As I'm sure everyone whoever visits my blog knows by now, we are leaving for Swaziland, Africa SOON! We have just rec'd word that we are going to be allowed extra luggage FOR FREE!!!! That means we can take extra items to bless the carepoint kids and their care providers with.

Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. Due to this and recent years of drought, many are barely surviving. Some are not.

We are working with Children's HopeChest and Adventures in Missions and their carepoint ministry in Swaziland to help save the lives of thousands of Swazi kids while at the same time, bringing them a message of hope through Jesus Christ.

At the carepoints, the kids have their basic physical needs met as well as teaching them about God and healthy ways of living.
Our team will be buying shoes for all the children, holding a Vacation Bible School, visiting homes and taking food to those in desperate need, and just blessing the carepoint and the surrounding community in any way we can.

So many have generously donated money towards our trip. Others have asked how they can still help and what items we need. If you would like to give items to be used in blessing these precious children, and the adults in their lives who care for them, there is still time.

Here are needed items:

1. 6 Head scarves & aprons for the women who cook the meals and take care of the kids every day as volunteers

2. Socks & underwear for all the kids (We have about 10 pair of each already, sizes 3T-5T)

3. Solid color (not white) T-shirts for the older kids - sizes Large & XL (maybe 20 of them) - we have the others that were donated, but sizes are smaller.

4. Fingernail polish & remover (lots of colors so we can paint the girls fingernails if we have time on Saturday at the party.

5. The Disciple Team needs supplies such as this: notebooks, lotions, deodorants, soaps, flash drives, music cds. There are 4 girls & 3 guys.

6. Lelo (carepoint construction coordinator) - headlamp, flashlight with batteries, devotional books, cap, hoodie, socks, small tool gadgets.

7. Skirts & shorts. We have appx. 19 girls ages 2-6, 52 girls 7 & older, 20 boys ages 3-6, and 40 boys ages 7 & older. If that helps determine estimated sizes for shorts & skirts. The shorts are only for the boys as in their area of Swaziland, girls only wear skirts and dresses.

8. 40 backpacks

9. 50 soccer balls --- deflated

All items should be new or like new.

One donor does not have to give ALL the number of items needed. If you can only afford one ball or one backpack, that is one more than we had before. It all adds up!

If you live near me, just contact me and we'll arrange a way for me to get the stuff.

If you live some place else, message me and I'll send you a shipping address.
There is still time for it to reach me if you get it in the mail ASAP!

Also, if you don't have time to buy stuff or get it shipped but you'd like to help, you can still donate financially thru our leader's blog:

Thank you SO much! Whatever you do for the least of these you are doing for Jesus!

Elysa Mac

Update posted at 11:38 --- Just found out that the free, extra luggage is probably going to happen but still not 100% for sure. Please pray that it will be confirmed officially.

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