Friday, August 20, 2010


Why am I obsessed about Swaziland? Why do I count down the days til I go there next month? Why do I want to spend the rest of my life there?

In the words of Steven Curtis Chapman, "it's all about love, love, love, love, love".

Because God loves me so much I am able to love others so much. And for His eternity-perspective reasons, He has put a special love for Swaziland and it's children in my heart.

Here's a video made by a team from Westwood Baptist Church outside of B'ham, Alabama, that ministered to a carepoint in Swaziland. It is for little ones like this that I am compelled to abandon it all for the sake of His call.

BTW, a little on the backstory of this video. Steve McAdams, who is moving to Swaziland to minister with his family, told me that the child in pink is indeed a boy who appears to have Down's Syndrome, though, of course, he has not been diagnosed due to lack of access to proper medical care. Even though he can't walk, he managed to get his way all the way from the back of the other kids to the front of "the bus". That little kid is a survivor. And he needs people like me --- and you --- to give him the chance he needs to have a life of hope despite the circumstances.


Steve McAdams , his wife Amy, and their children will be moving soon to live and serve God and the people He is calling them to. Read more about their missions adventures @


Erin Wilson said...

Hey Elysa! I clearly need to do some catching up too (though it likely happen until you're home from Swaziland and I'm home from my trip).

Yes, share any blog post of mine anytime you want.

And have a wonderful time in Swaziland. I'm fighting off envy, I have to say. I have to wait a little while longer to get back... So glad that your husband is finally able to go with you. I know that God will use this trip to sort out Kingdom details :)

Peace to you...

Elysa said...

Believe me, I was envious that you got to go without us a while back. So is Africa envy a major sin? Because if it is, I'm really, really glad for grace! ;)

Pray for us! You KNOW I want him to not be able to live without being in Africa. :D