Friday, August 06, 2010


Yep, I was. What? You didn't know that? Well, according to 6 year old T he said that I was the Boss of all Kung Fu'ers in the world in a dream he had earlier this week. In fact, here's the whole thing:

Well, we got a package and like, it had this bottle, it was like a mini Human Torch. Then [sister L] was curious. And evil. So, she put the bottle on the Human Torch. Then he came to life. And he was like the size of the spider at our dumpster. He could fly like the Human Torch. Well, we all tried to grab him. And if you hold on to him too long it will burn you but it will make him die because the flames will go off of him and he will die. [ Little Sister M] got attacked by the Human Torch. And then Mom, she did one of her Kung Fu moves. And she belly flopped him which burnt her [so] she jumped off.

Well, we went into Mom and Dad's room in the house, before the house was finished, and [sister B ] was there on the mattress with all of us. She tried to catch it because it was flying around. Well, she couldn't. And I was in the RV. Well, when I came outside to go into the house, there was a dog by the front door. I speaked dog language and told it to go eat Human Torch because the mini Human Torch was asleep.

So I opened up the door, and then, I led it to Mom and Dad's room where Human Torch was asleep. Then the dog started eating him.

Well, I went into my big brothers' room. I told [P] that the dog was eating the Human Torch. Well then, [P] looked at the exit to his room and he saw that smoke was at his door and he said "you're right".

And then we went into Mom and Dad's room and the dog looked back and said "ustah". And when he stopped eating to look back to say "ustah", [P] saw that all of Human Torch's body was gone and only his flames were still there. But his flames were red and like a toy flame except hot as red hot Cheetos.

The End

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