Monday, August 30, 2010


My oldest daughter is sixteen. We've entered a new phase of our relationship, and to be honest, I enjoy her more and more as time goes on. I've always loved her, of course, but now she is one of my favorite people to just hang out with...whether we are roadtripping to New Orleans or watching a dvd. Life is better with her in it!


My brain is pretty mush right now and I need to be getting to bed, but before I do, I wanted to make a list of sixteen things my daughter and I agree on. Because sometimes in the teenage years, it is easy to focus on the differences, but the more we're together, the more we find common ground. And you know what? Sometimes even our differences make for fun things to happen. She certainly can make me laugh with some of her uppity attitudes...when they're not directed towards me, of course. Okay, to be honest, sometimes even some of those make me laugh.


Sixteen things we agree on:

1. The Jonas Brothers are really cute.

2. We like Prince Caspian with a beard in VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER. (She, always Miss Literal, corrected me to add that he is actually KING Caspian in VOTDT.)

3. New Orleans is one of our very favorite places to visit. We love the atmosphere, architecture, Cafe DuMonde beignets, Central Grocery muffalettas, and accents. They were described in a recent SOUTHERN LIVING article as "Brooklyn on gumbo".

4. CRIMINAL MINDS...but I only like the non-creepy episodes. We both like Morgan and Garcia!

5. Dark chocolate. 'Nuff Said.

6. Colby Calliat...especially the FALLING FOR YOU video!

7. Strawberry Limeades at Sonic. Especially during Happy Hour.

8. SWAZILAND!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Jane Austen...the books, the movies, the leading men. I'm married to a Mr. Darcy all the way. She is partial to Captain Wentworth. But we can appreciate the merits of both.

10. We both severely DISLIKE Edward Cullens and are NOT Twi-Hards. We are definitely more of Anti-Twi's.

11. BUT...we LOVE Stephenie Meyers' THE HOST and will most likely be at the opening night showing.

12. BLACK!!! Our favorite color to wear.

13. I am married to a strong, hunky man and she wants to one day marry a strong, hunky man. No wimps for us!

14. We do NOT roll down the windows as we drive down the road.

15. BOOKS!!!! We love 'em! We need 'em! Books are our food!!!! we also like real food, too, but you get the idea. We really, really, really like books . But sometimes we like the movie version better than a book version, as in the case with LORD OF THE RINGS. Love, love, LOVE the LOTR movies!!!!!!!

16. Kittens are better than dogs. And as my very astute and articulate daughter is apt to point out, "licky dogs are the worst".

Well there you have it! Sixteen things off the top of my head. Though to be honest, there are many more things we have in common. And I really do have to add the most important one. Punkie loves Jesus. And I do, too. And for that reason, I know I'm only going to keep on enjoying her more and more.


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