Thursday, August 26, 2010


Some of you will remember that over the last few years, I have asked for prayers for my cousin Beth's family. Her husband was the owner of a business and was falsely accused of some illegal and unethical practices. It has been a horrible and unfair situation from day one.

Several months ago at the end of his trial, to the shock of all his family and his attorneys, he was pronounced guilty.

Tomorrow is the sentencing. The judge has broadly hinted that she wants the prison term to be long. Our hearts are breaking for this family while at the same time we are righteously angry that an innocent man is facing this.

Please pray for this situation. We are still praying for a miracle and that this judge's heart will be changed. Pray for his family...especially his wife (my cousin who is like a sister to me) and children. I will be with her tomorrow at the hearing and will be with her afterwards. Pray that God will use me to comfort her if a miracle doesn't happen.

Thanks in advance,



I just rec'd a message from Beth that the sentence is going to be TODAY!!!! This makes an already upsetting situation even worse. Many friends and family members who would have been there to support them will not be able to attend. And for my cousin and her kids who thought they had one more day with their husband and dad --- well, it is just devastating.

Please continue to pray for a miracle. We are still praying for justice but we really, really need peace and tangible evidence of God's provision and care right now. Would you pray for God to show Himself in a very real, real way today?


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