Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Here is an open letter from my uh-mazing oldest daughter:

Friends & family,

Hello! I hope this letter finds you well.

As most of you probably know, in January of 2008, my mom, my sister B, and I went on a ten day "vision" trip to Swaziland with Children's Hope Chest where we visited various "carepoints" (places where impoverished and orphaned children and teens can gather and be fed, receive basic medical care, attend Bible classes and just be shown love in other practical ways) and got a basic vision for what the country of Swaziland needs.

Last summer, I returned to Swaziland for a month long missions trip with Adventure in Missions. On that trip I, along with my team of nineteen college and high school students, worked at a couple of the carepoints I had visited on the previous trip as well as visiting nearby hospitals.

That trip changed my life in so many ways. It opened my heart and mind to the lives of others around the world.

Now, if you're like I was, you've heard stories of horror and sorrow from across the globe all your life, and while you may say "that's so sad" when it flashes across the TV screen, it doesn't affect your everyday life and it's not something you spend many thoughts on. So, seeing these stories face-to-face, meeting them and being forced to know that they're all too real, realizing that in a year's time, many of the kids I was feeding, drawing pictures for and teaching english to, would be dead, was a harsh pill to swallow.

I have now been given the opportunity to return for another trip to Swaziland, which begins September 18th. This time I will be going again with Children's Hope Chest for ten days. Though it's hard to say exactly what we'll be doing this time, I do know I'll be making home visits and helping to lead a Vacation Bible School at a Care Point that I've visited before. In fact, my family and my youth group sponsor two girls at that Care Point. Visiting these care points is vital to building a relationship with these orphans and endangered children, to prove to them that they're not just someone we throw money at every month, but someone we care enough about to visit.

In order to go on this trip I need to raise approximately $2,500 and need the first $250 as soon as possible. Swaziland is a country devastated by HIV/AIDS with the highest percentage of any country in the world, nearly 50% of the people have it. Ten percent of the population are orphaned. As you can see, Swaziland is a country desperate for aid, any help you can give will be greatly appreciated, and if you feel you are unable to give financial support now, prayers are needed just as much, if not more.

Anna MacLellan


If you would like to send a donation, here are two simple ways---

Donate online at:


Just be sure to write the trip ID# SZ100902T & my name in the "notes" box.

You can also mail a check to:

Children’s HopeChest
P.O. Box 63842
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-3842

Again, make sure to include the trip ID# SZ100902T & my name on the memo line.

If you do send a donation directly to Children's Hope Chest, please make me aware so I can ensure that it is added to my account.

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