Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Just wanted to let all of you know that we are once again blown away by God's goodness.

Someone has donated $2500 for our daughter's Swaziland trip. With the nearly $500 she has rec'd from other sources, this brings her almost completely to her needed amount.

I don't know why we continue to be surprised by God's amazing provision. He just can't be boxed in and when we let OUR human understanding keep us from stepping out and going, then we really limit the opportunities for Him to show up and move big time in our lives and in the world around us.

Our family is learning over and over again that when God leads, God will provide!!!!

To those of you out there that might be feeling His leading to do something...maybe it is to go out on a missions trip or start a ministry in your own city or give something away to someone in need..don't EVER let the fear of funding hold you back!

Sometimes He calls us to work for it and sometimes He just gives it, but whatever way, His pockets are so much deeper than our's.

I am in no way someone who thinks I can just claim a fancy car or a new wardrobe. God doesn't want to give me stuff to just make me more selfish and materialistic. When He gives, it is with eternity in mind. It is with His desire to make us more like Jesus, show us how amazingly loving He is, and to prosper HIS kingdom here on earth.

TRUST HIM!!!!! He is bigger than we can ever imagine.

P.S. I also want to say thanks to ALL of you who have contributed towards Anna's trip. I realize that for some of you, the amount you gave was that widow's mite. It might not have seemed huge in the world's eyes, but it was what you could give. And in some cases, it was all or even more than you could afford. God sees your heart and we see your love and support and appreciate each gift as much as we do the big ones. The $2500 is awesome! But without the other gifts all added together, she still wouldn't have the full amount. It is ALL God's abundant, amazing provision---whether it comes in as one, big sum or whether it comes in a bit at a time. Thank you for being part of the way God is blessing my girl and blessing those precious children, widows, and others that Anna will minister to in Swaziland.

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