Monday, August 23, 2010


Four weeks from today we will be in Swaziland!!!! WOW! I really appreciate all y'all's encouragement, support, and prayers during this journey. Wanted to share some news with y'all:

*Please pray for my mom. She will be staying in our house with the kids while we are gone. She has been fighting a bad sinus infection and needs to be healed up!

*All money is raised for our trip. Some folks are still wanting to help out so if you feel led this way, you can either donate items for us to use in our ministry there (school supplies, soccer balls, etc.) or donate money to buy supplies and gifts for the children and caregivers.

*Insurance money has provided us a new video camera....a digital one at that! This means that we'll easily be able to post online videos from our trip. :)

*We are still working out the details for our itinerary once the team leaves Swaziland and Jim and I are on our own exploring ministry options for moving over there. Pray for us as we work out the plans.

Gotta get for now! Unpacked boxes are calling my name.

As the Swazis say....Salani Kahle (Stay well),
Elysa Mac

Photos from this post are compliments of Adam Wilson. To read about his Swaziland ministry adventures, visit his blog:

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