Sunday, August 22, 2010


To my amazingly beautiful Cousin Beth on her 44th birthday:

I'm so glad that God in His wisdom knew that I was going to need a cousin like you. We had our ups-and-downs...okay, a lot more downs than ups... during our younger years but by the time those pre-teen years rolled around, God gave me the good sense to see just how fun you were and the rest was history.

It is hard to believe I ever thought I would have preferred not having you as a the time you tricked me into picking all the flowers off of Grandpa Harvey's fruit tree...but now I can't even imagine life without you!

I love you, Sweetie, and God loves you. I can't always be there for you when I want to be but He will never, ever, ever let you down. As fabulous as I think you are, He loves you and adores you even infinitely more.

You can count on that.

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