Thursday, August 05, 2010


The Bible tells us that pure religion is to care for the widows and orphans. Pastor Walter, in Swaziland, is living this out every day of his life. When Anna, Betsie, and I visited Swaziland 2.5 years ago, we were blessed to attend his church. We worshipped at Timbutini and we sat under his powerful preaching. When Anna returned last summer, her team was assigned to that area. They ministered to carepoint children, made home visits, prayer walked, and participated in revival services at Timbutini.

This video is a powerful testimony to what happens when one man decides to give it all to God out of love for Him and love for the widows and orphans about him.

The Pastor Walter Story from Children's HopeChest on Vimeo.

To find out how you can be involved in ministering to Pastor Walter's flock and other children in Swaziland, visit .

Jim and I will be going to Swaziland this September and taking our 16 year old daughter with us. If you would like to financially support her as she goes to practice pure religion in loving His little ones and the widows who care for them, contact me and I'll let you know how to do that.

Thanks in advance and please pray for Pastor Walter and others who are pouring their lives out as a living sacrifice in Swaziland.

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