Monday, January 04, 2010


A couple of nights ago, I was all set to interview my 14 year old daughter B....but, she fell asleep.

And now she's gone to her bff's house so my firstborn daughter A, also known as Indie, said that she would do a Christmas interview for Graceland.

Okay, if Indie can manage to pull her head out of the sleeping bag, the interview will begin.

"Alright, I'm good."

So....where shall we begin?

"It's your post. Or we could start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read you begin with A, B, C. When you sing you begin with do, re, me."


*Nods her head and smiles smugly*

So again....where shall we begin. Hmmmmm....I know! If you could use one word to describe your Christmas experience for 2009, what would it be?


Do I have to put that? *Looking at her with a cocked eyebrow*

*Lots of laughter* from Indie and then some random explanation about a movie she watched and an awkward scene.

So seriously, a word to describe your Christmas.

"Overstimulating?" *More laughter emanates from Indie* this how the entire interview is going to go?


And now Little Miss M is crying hysterically for her mama. Interview to be continued later.

"WHAT?!? Why do you have to stop for HER?????"

Because she needs her mommy and is going to bed in 15 minutes.

"Does that mean I can be online until then?"


"So you can have bonding time."

Hmmmmmmmm......I'll be back.......


Okay, we are back from getting the crying children --- yes, plural---- children put to bed. Why, oh why, don't they think about finding their favorite stuffed animals and doll BEFORE they go to bed and it is dark and Mommy is tired and they are hysterical? Sigh....

Back to the interview. Where were we?

"I have no bars in your room."

Ummm...let's focus, Indie. Christmas. Not your new cell phone.

"It's supposed to be a secret."

Um, yeah. Sorry. Do I need to delete that?


Good. So back to the word thing. What word would you use---for real---to describe your Christmas?


Would you like to elaborate on that?

"Hey Mom....I don't suppose you would be willing to go ask Patch to bring the radio in here? "

No, but I"ll put Accuradio on. ANYWAY...please focus before your daddy comes home and I have to get off or I pass out from the Benadryl tablet. Whichever one comes first.

So, why was your Christmas exhausting?

"'Cause I was around a lot of people and I had to do a lot of things and it was too much for my introversion." *All said in a very sad, little girl voice*

I think your dad, no excuse me, I KNOW your dad felt the same way. It was a lot of fun but even I was tired by the end.

*Noises coming from Indie hopping up and down in her sleeping bag to get better adjusted*

What was your favorite part of this Christmas season?

"Reading all my new books. Watching movies with Avery [my cousin]. And I liked going to Cousin Beth's new house."

What were your favorite gifts that you received?

"My X-Men and Alex Rider books and my Gambit shirt."

What was the most fun or special thing that our family did together?

"Going to Bass Pro Shop set up for Christmas was fun. With all the fudge. Oh my gosh. That was such good fudge. Ooooooh."

Did you have a favorite Christmas song?

"Yes. I listened to His Favorite Christmas Story so much. And the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack which, surprisingly, some of the songs actually made me feel Christmasy. But the Muppet Christmas Carol music and movie is the only thing that can make me get in a Christmas mood even when I'm not so I listened to that a lot.

What's one thing about Christmas that you wish was year round?

"The break from school and work."

In closing, do you have anything else you want to add about your Christmas past? Ooh, that sounds like a spirit from the Christmas Carol.

"That's because it is." I was saying, do you have anything else to add?

"I got a bonus at work. That was very nice. I'd only been working there two months. I liked that."

In closing the closing, I know it was exhausting for my introverted Indie, but did you have a good Christmas season?


That's it?

"It's a yes-or-no question so why are you looking at me like that?"

That's my Indie for you.

"The End."

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