Thursday, January 28, 2010


Unlike some members of my family who will remain unnamed, ahem, I adore Valentine's Day! I have sweet memories of cutting valentine cards out of this big book as a child and carefully choosing who got which one. I loved the school parties and the boxes that would be filled with cards from my classmates. And the sweets? parties always included yummies to eat.

I still love this holiday. In fact, for me, it runs a close 2nd to Christmas. The special date with hubby, the chocolate, the cute cards, the fun homeschool party, the chocolate, the color red, the color pink, heart themed clothes and jewelry, the chocolate, romantic music, extra kisses and hugs, and even more chocolate....what's not to love?

Because I love Valentine's Day so much, I thought it would be fun here at Graceland to dedicate the couple of weeks leading up to February 14th with posts centered around that theme. I got an early start yesterday because I wanted you to be aware of the special Valentine's Day promotion going on over at Children's HopeChest. If you didn't read about that yet, check it out:

Today, I want to tell you moms, grandmoms, aunts, and anyone else out there who has a reason for buying little girl clothes, about Sallee's beautiful clothing creations over at PoppyDips. I've mentioned her before and I'll keep mentioning her because her clothes are THAT cute and she's THAT sweet and the reason she makes them is THAT awesome. Yeah, you could just say that Sallee and PoppyDips are "all that". ;) Sallee is a blessed mom of 3 biological children and 2 adopted far. She and her family are on the journey to adopt again and one of the ways that they are financing the adoption of their new Ethiopian blessing is thru the profits made from PoppyDip clothing sales.

My little 4 year old Miss M is now the adorable owner of several of Sallee's creations and I can wholeheartedly testify to not just their awesome appearance but their high quality. These things are sewn to last! They are heirloom quality that will definitely be something that can be passed down to younger siblings and friends. In fact, Miss M owns some "recycled" PoppyDips and they arrived to us looking brand-spanking-new despite the fact that they all were previously owned and worn by another little girl.

So check out PoppyDips if you want to spread a little Valentine's love to the little girl in your life. And know that when you do, you're not just dressing your little girl in an adorable outfit, you're helping an African orphan be united with their adoptive, forever family.

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