Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last night, The Kissing Monster (also known as moi) was smooching on the three youngest as they prepared to go off to LaLa Land, when 8 year old LG asked "what's for breakfast". Now, I know a lot of you moms out there, maybe even some dads, are a lot more organized than I am and could probably tell your kids exactly what you're serving for breakfast tomorrow, the day after that, even a week after that. But The Kissing Monster? No way am I that organized. But, I figured that a good monster mommy should have an appropriate breakfast entree for her little monsters. So, I popped out with "Fish Eye Soup".

Then this morning, the same little miss asked again, "what's for breakfast?" and the Kissing Monster Mommy responded in the same way, "Fish Eye Soup".

Now here's a recount from 2 of the little ones on what this dining experience was like.

LG and T, did y'all like the fish eye soup we had this morning?

T: Yeah, it was AWESOME!!!

LG: Yeah.

What did it taste like?

LG: Cream of wheat with raisins and...

T: Food dye! It was awesome!

Well, I'm glad you thought it was awesome. Maybe next time we'll have Fish Guts Icecream.

LG: It's gonna be icecream with meat? Meat with icecream?

T: Nope, it's gonna be food dye that is white.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

BTW, the fish eye soup really was just cream of wheat with an eye ball drawn on it with decorating gel and a raisin stuck in the middle. But it sure was, in LG's words, "good". I love being a mommy.

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