Sunday, January 10, 2010


Good evening, M. How are you?

I am good for the day of my life. And I love you so much. And you`re the beautifulest mama.

Awww-w--w, thanks, M. I love you, too, beautiful girl.

I gotta go to the bathroom, Mama. Hear me? I gotta go to the bathroom.

Okay, M, I`ll wait til you get back.

*Song about toilet paper can be heard coming from the bathroom.*

She`s back!

My kitty cat is doing good and hope it will have babies and we will get rid of the babies.

Where will they go?

They`ll go to a news home. And they`ll have some good days with their babies when they grow up. And my Christmas was all about baby Jesus.


And I also had a good Christmas night.

What was your favorite part of Christmas night?

Opening presents.

Did you have a special person visit you on Christmas Day?

Mr. A.C. did. Is his name short?

Yeah, I guess so.

So that`s what it`s all about.

What what is all about?

Mr. A.C.

Mr. A.C. is all about what?

Having friend over.

Oh, okay.

So what did you and Mr. A.C. do?

We did something fun. He sleepeded and I draweded because it was fun.

What else did y`all do?

I also told him about my new home I lived in.

Did you take him outside?

Yes, I did.

What did y`all do outside?

Ride horses, get pictures tooken, eating with us, and having a nap.

But I don`t think you napped and ate outside.

We didn`t. He napped inside.

What else was special about Christmas?

I did lots of things and played lots of games, like Apples.

Apples to Apples?

Yesuh. And played "stand, stand, who stands still".

What is that?

It`s a game.

But what do you do?

I played and hosted people who came over to my house. So that they can see it even if the women wanted to steal Blue Baby Doll. I kept on stopping them.

Oh, you mean at WE WILL GO?


She was just joking with you M.

But she really looked at [Blue Baby Doll] a lot. And I had brownies. T and me had brownies. It was important. I had a lot of brownies.

At the WE WILL GO Christmas Day?

Yes, at the WE WILL GO Christmas Day. I loved it. But cept the person who wanted to steal Blue Baby Doll.

M, that lady did not really want to steal your doll. She was just joking.

Mom, she told me. Really, Mommy. I need to tell you about it. It was important.

M, she was just pretending. She did not really want to steal your doll.

It was so fun. Mr. A.C. had to go home. So we left from home so that we can go over to the Peace House. I love the fun things I did. I couldn`t figure what I eat.

I am glad that you love going to see our friends in inner-city Jackson. They love seeing you.

I went to the nursing home! Then we went home. I had to go to the bathroom. So we stopped at a gas station. Mama came with me. It was so fun. Even if I liked it. So much fun. I did something that was really funny.

What did you do, M?

Eat and we went to the creek before naptime. We didn`t see any ice.

Was this on Christmas Day?

Yeah, this was on Christmas Day. I got a new stroller to roll Blue Baby Doll in. Even if I want to do something new. I got a coloring book on Christmas. And the other day, we went to the creek. To see some ice. And it was fun. I love the day.



You know what one of my favorite things about you is?


How much fun you have and how much you love life.

And [Brother P] broke into ice.

Yes, he did.

And [Sister LG] got her shoes dirty. The Roberts came over. Me and LG liked having Littlest Pet Shop races. And Lizzie, she spent the night. We went to church on this day. She came with us.

Well Miss M, it is getting late and you need to go to bed.


No buts. It is bedtime.


Wanna say "goodnight"?

Goodnight! So I`ll have a good sleep tonight.

Love you, M.

Goodbye!!!!!!!!!! And it was so fun to meet you. Have a good day for the night.

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