Saturday, January 09, 2010


Christmas Eve traditionally finds just us at home doing some things that are special for us. Every Christmas Eve, Jim plans a big spread of fancy cheeses, two or three kinds of crackers, an assortment of breads and meats, our favorite kinds of chips, lots of condiments (we love condiments), sparkling grape juice, and whatever Christmas sweets we've not yet devoured. After the meal, we watch THE MUPPET'S CHRISTMAS CAROL and let the kids open one gift before they head off for their Christmas slumber.

This year, we added a new element to the mix. On son P's birthday earlier in December, his cake had been dropped and smashed. So his sister B made him a new one and we did a mini-birthday celebration for him all over again.

P and his Lego decorated birthday cake.

Daughter LG tries to choose what to eat among all the goodies.

P shows off his sandwich complete with a Hershey's Kiss right smack dab in the middle.

And my 3rd daughter LG found this Kiss and brought it to me. Have you ever seen such a Hershey's tail?

Son D is obviously enjoying his Christmas Eve supper. He's not too far from his 13th birthday and his appetite these days certainly reflects that.

Little Miss M shows off her specially made sandwich.

Yes, those are M&M's and maybe even a potato chip squeezed in that pita bread.

This is an ornament from my childhood days. In college, I pledged a social club, The Troubadours, that have mandolins as one of their symbols. So now this ornament is even more special to me.

Daughter B made this ornament as a preschooler at Mommy's Morning Out at Colonial Heights Baptist Church. Her teachers thought she was a little angel.

I made this ornament of Anna's hand when she was a baby.
Heart to God, Hand to Man.

And here they are...our favorite Christmas Carol cast!

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