Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Christmas was very, very busy for us and we ended up being out of town twice for nearly a week of days total. Needless to say, my blogging suffered as a result. I'm trying to get caught up so thought I'd take the time to post some of our Christmas photos. The first set is from our trip to see Jim's Dad and Step-Mom a few days before Christmas. Jim's sister and her children joined us for the day of celebrating. The cousins always have a great time when we get together.

Here are the three teenagers. They are not just cousins, but true friends.

The lovebirds.

The two oldest with their awesome Grandma Sally.

Half of the "kids' table".

The "grownups' table".

And here we are on Christmas Eve Day enjoying a breakfast comprised of edible traditions. The first tradition is Gingerbread People Pancakes. I think I first started doing this after reading a "My First Little House" book and seeing the illustration of Ma making them for Laura and Mary. I try to fix them every Christmas though the day varies when we have them and the decorations change from year to year.
The second traditional dish I served was Piggy Pudding. I found the recipe years ago in the newspaper and have modified it a bit but basically it is a casserole consisting of layers of sausage, sliced apples, and cornbread served with syrup. It is DELISH! The kids love the pancakes best but hubby loves the piggy pudding.

Our "other daughter" Lillie (aka our neighbor) joined in on our breakfast traditions for the first time this Christmas.

As you can see, she enjoyed herself immensely!

I've got lots more photos to share from our holidays but will save them for another day...or days. I exaggerate not when I say I have hundreds. Don't worry, I won't post all of them here. Promise.


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Elysa said...

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