Monday, September 01, 2008


Please keep praying related to those things I posted last night. Also, I'm feeling very heavy hearted this morning. Not a good thing when you're surrounded by a household of excited, hyper, and loud children. Pray that I'll allow Jesus to work in me...getting rid of all the ugly stuff and loving those around me as they need me to love them despite my sadness.

Gustav is now pounding the Gulf Coast. We are beginning to get the first bands of storms here at our home. So many people are just now recovering from Katrina. So many families have only now moved into rebuilt homes. They need our prayers so badly.

And I've also rec'd another very serious prayer request from my friend Heather that I know through my Five in a Row homeschool "family of friends". Here's what she says:

Hello everyone,

Some of you I talk to all the time and some I haven't talked to in a long time. But I need ALL of your help. I have a friend named Christy who is 29 years old and she is going to die.

1. Two years ago she found a funny looking mole. It was melanoma but they were able to cut it out. Problem solved.

2. Since then she married her high school sweetheart and they were expecting their first baby this October.

3. Last month the doctor finds a lump in her armpit. The cancer is back and it has spread to her lymph nodes. She is six months pregnant and they can't treat it...does she want to end the pregnancy? She says NO WAY. So they start pumping her full of steroids to develop the baby's lungs and they are going to take it early. Risky but it's their only choice.

4. Last week they operated on her and took out the lymph nodes. Even though she is still pregnant, they couldn't wait any longer. The cancer is too aggressive.

5. The next day after the surgery she goes into labor, two months early. They deliver the beautiful baby boy. He is 4lbs, 4oz. and is breathing on his own. Praise God!

6. Three days later they tell her the cancer has spread to her lungs. It is incurable. She is going to die.

7. Prognosis? Most patients die within 6-12 months. With aggressive chemo, 10-15% live up to 5 years. But no one survives. No one beats it.

Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I still believe that our God can do miracles and I'm praying big on this one. I'm not praying for comfort and peace and acceptance, etc. No way. I want her cured. I'm praying for a miracle so big that the doctors have no choice but to say "It's a miracle." I'm praying for a miracle so big that her family and friends are in awe of the power of our Lord. I am praying for a miracle so big that she will tell her son about it and he will tell his son about it and it will be like the stones the Israelites dragged out of the Jordan River so that future generations would know of God's mighty act.

Will you join me?

Thank you,

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