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A couple of weeks ago, my 2nd son, Patch, shared here on my blog his first installment of his Lego Indiana Jones WWII adventures. Today, we bring you the second part:
"Where we left Indiana Jones and his dad in the last part,
they were escaping the exploding island in the boat.

When they made it to Mexico, Henry Jones left Indian Jones to


Indiana Jones went to the airport and took the plane all the way to
China where he met Willie and Short Around.

They went to the hotel to spend the night. At 12:00, the hotel
was set on fire and the Nazis were seen leaving the scene.

So Indiana Jones and Willie swing out the window on the
electrical cord to the pole where they slid down to the car where Short
Around was waiting. They took off after the Nazis.

When they caught up to them, they were just about to head off
into the countryside. When they reached right next to them, Indy swerved the car into their car knocking them off into the swamp.

They grabbed the map that fell off the car's backseat and they
went driving away.

The Nazis were so-o-o-o-o-o-ooo angry, they started saying all
the cuss words they knew. And they finally got out of the swamp after some of them died...sinking to death because they never learned how to swim.

Indy, Willie, and Short Around went to the temple that was
hidden in the mountain. When they opened the door, the ground that they were standing on broke under their feet. The only one that didn't fall was Short Around. He was standing back when the ground broke.

So Short Around jumped over the hole and into the temple. Inside the
temple was a secret switch hidden behind the switches. When he
pulled the right switch forward and then the other switch back, the secret
switch popped up. It looked like a twig. When Short Around pulled it, the
door closed and the walls burst open.

Short Around took the right path and found Indiana Jones and
Willie inside a cage. Short Around opened the cage by busting the door and they climbed out of the cage. When they got out, they went back and took the left path. It was looking like a normal place of light. When they went on the light path, the light path door closed and the light disappeared.

Luckily, Indiana Jones had his flashlight with him and they explored the
tunnel. And when they got to the end, spears started flying from the back
towards them. The spears snapped the ropes, releasing the boulder after

Will they escape the boulder or will they become a piece of paper? Find
out in Part III!"


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